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Writer Tiffany Dang has always been fascinated with this Vietnamese story since a young age when her mother told her about it.  Back in the first century in Vietnam, the history was not written but rather it was told through the people, so the history is mainly summarized.  Therefore, she has expanded the story to make it more dramatic and transformed the story into graphic art, so the reader would have vivid images of the drama-action historical story. She believes this book will have people understand more about the determination and courage of the Vietnamese. 




Illustrator Juan “Jo” Luna was born in the Philippines. He started his craft since childhood and became a comic artist.  Mr. Luna was also an interior designer for a prestigious furniture company in Manila.  After 25 years of comics, in 1994, he embarked to the United States to work as a freelance animation story board artist and background designer.  His TV series work were:  Hanna Barbera’s Biker Mice from Mars, Hearst animation studio’s Phantom 2020, Saban Entertainment’s Fantastic 4, Graz Entertainment’s X-men, Gunther Wuhl Production’s GI Joe, and Lightspan Entertainment’s Mars Moose From Mars DVD show.

In 1995, Mr. Luna was hired by Fox Animation Studio in Phoenix as a background designer for their animated movie, Anastasia, Titan AE, and DVD released Bartok the Magnificent.  After Fox Studios in 2000, Mr. Luna was hired by comic writer Stan Lee at Stan Lee Media Studio in Los Angeles, working as background and breakdown artist for a WebTV for 9 months.  Soon after, he was hired by Sony/Columbia Studios as a background designer for actor/producer Adam Sandler’s animated movie, Eight Crazy Night. 

After Sony/Columbia, Mr. Luna moved back to Phoenix to work for FatCat Animation Studio as a background designer for their animation DVD movies Crocpond and Curious George in 2005.  Then in June 2006, he moved back to Los Angeles to work for RoughDraft Studio/20th Century Fox Studio for the animation movie The Simpsons Movie.

Mr. Luna then moved back to Phoenix for the last time to work with his former animation director on game projects and other shows which included:  The Barnyard TV series, Planet Sheen for Nickleodeon Channel and Hop, the animated movie until 2012. 

Currently, he is working on his own animation stories and other magazines ideas and as well as freelancing his craft as a comic illustrator.

Jo Luna



Colorist & Letterer Nestor “Thor” Tantiado lives in the Philippines. He studied at Feati University with a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts.

After college, Mr. Tantiado worked as a comic illustrator for different local publications in the Philippines. From 1987 to present, he is an animator, graphic artist, and character designer for several animation studios.

Mr. Tantiado has over 20 years experience in comic illustrating and coloring in both traditional and digital art. His goal is to acquire as many technical skills as he can while exploring art as a more social and public endeavor.  He has lived in Manila all of his live and feels proud to be a part of the creative illustration community in his country.



SYNOPSIS Illustrated by Jo Luna & Colored by Vovoi Lim

TS Synopsis


Colorist & Letterer Vovoi Lim was born in Manila, Philippines.  His father among other great artists, such as Fernando Amorsolo, Botong Francisco, Nestor Redondo, Francisco V. Coching, Jo Luna, Steve Gan and Lan Medina inspired and influenced Mr. Lim in the arts. With no formal education, he taught himself with dedication and passion.
For six years, Mr. Lim was a freelance artist/illustrator working on local comics, pocket books covers, and paintings.  Soon after, he was employed as a graphic artist at a leading plastic toys and promo products company, Star Plastic Products Inc.  Mr. Lim is now the Senior Head artist for the company.  He hasn’t given up his freelance work completely and he continues to work on commission paintings and comic books, and a graphic novel titled, The Reaper, published by Black Ink Comics.

Currently, Mr. Lim, his wife and four children live in Malolos, Philippines.